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Your best fitness ever! CrossFit Glen Burnie brings you to your highest level of fitness ever – we are a diversely skilled and interactive team of trainers – we are a welcoming and vibrant community.

We offer strength and conditioning classes throughout the week, incorporating elements of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance sport.

Getting Started

  1. Contact us and schedule a free introductory session, or take a free class!
  2. Complete the intro session and ask any questions that you may have.
  3. Select one of our flexible membership options

We look forward to seeing you!

Introductory Session

Join us for an introductory CrossFit Class. Wear comfortable clothes and please come with any questions that you may have.  Many of our newest members have started CrossFit for the first time and they love it!

My new obsession and motivation! Nothing better than pushing yourself and feeling great about progress and accomplishments!

On-Ramp Foundation Classes


Launch your Fitness with Our On-Ramp Program.  These beginner classes take you through each of the basic CrossFit movements – step by step.  We provide plenty of time for making mistakes and learning new skills.  This is a great time to learn more and more about CrossFit and a great way to start your fitness journey.

  • Each membership includes a series of 12 foundation classes that you will complete in your first month.
  • Unless you have prior CrossFit experience, we suggest that all of our new athletes start by completing the on-ramp classes.
  • New on-ramp series are schedule every month so that you may start the on-ramp classes right away.

You’re Welcome!

We think that you have what is takes to be a part of our community. Show us that you are interested in your health and fitness and we would love to welcome you into our fitness community.

Membership Options

We offer flexible membership options that can be customized to just about anyone’s schedule and goals. Our standard memberships vary in length from 3-months to one-year. Our standard memberships have an option for a LIMITED number of classes per week or an UNLIMITED number of classes per week. The prices are per-month and are usually billed on the first of the month.
Download our standard prices* to find the membership option that you are looking for. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, then just ask (email bob@crossfitglenburnie.com)– we should be able to find something that better suits your time commitments and your personal goals.

* We also offer a 10% Discount for Military, Police, First Responders, Health-Care, and Teachers. 25% Discount for each additional family member.

If you have a big family and lots of friends that would like to CrossFit – just let me know and we can workout a group discount.

We offer flexible membership options that can be customized to just about anyone’s schedule and goals. Our standard memberships

  • Unlimited membership enables you to participate fully in our classes.  You may take an unlimited number of classes each week.
  • Three-classes/week allows you to take up to three classes each week.  You pick the classes that suit your schedule.  You may choose any three classes each week.
  • Standard memberships vary in length from 1-months to 12-months.
  • Flexible options are available.

Our Current Class Calendar

Take a peek at our Current Class Schedule (month) to find the times that best suit your schedule. You can see that we have classes throughout the day — from early in the morning, during the day, and into the afternoon and evening. If you are looking for a particular time and can’t find it on our calendar – let us know (email bob@crossfitglenburnie.com). We may be able to add a class time or find an option that works for you.

We also have Open Gym hours on Saturdays. The Open Gym provides a time that you can make-up a missed workout, work on improving a skill, or just pal around with your friends.

We have a Yoga class on Sundays. What a great way to improve mobility and improve mind-body awareness. Join us for a Vinyasa (flow) Yoga class. We would love to see you there!

As an extra treat, we also have programmed skill work, a Mobility class, and Powerlifting on Saturdays.

We also have a class called Fit 1.0 on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Fit 1.0 is a group exercise class that typically involves simpler body-weight movements. But don’t be fooled – we go out of our way to make this a challenging and rewarding class. We hope to see you there soon!

You can also view our weekly calendar online at Our Online Calendar

Just Visiting

Just-visiting If you are in the area and away from your home box and would like to continue your CrossFit training, please drop in.  Find the classes that fit your schedule and sign-up online for the ones you would like to take.  The drop-in fee for online reservation is $15/class and the walk-in fee is $20/class.  Register online and save $5/class by registering for your classes on our Drop-in Schedule.

If you’re new to CrossFit and would like to Drop-in, consider registering for one of our free beginner’s classes.

Punch Cards and Month-to-month Options

If you are in town for a couple of weeks or a couple of months and you have prior CrossFit experience, we have a couple of more options that can save you some money.  We offer 8-class and 12-class punch cards.  We also offer month-to-month membership options.  Purchasing these options are easy.  Register online for your first class and scroll through and select the option that best suits your schedule.  We look forward to having you as one of our own!

Schedule and Pricing

Download our standard prices to find the membership option that you are looking for.

We offer a 10% Discount for Military, Police, First Responders, Health-Care, and Teachers. For families and couples we offer a 25% Discount for each additional member.

Drop-In Rates: $15 Online Registration and $20 at the door.


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We have 7,000 Square Feet.  The location has changing rooms and a kids area.  We have plenty of Rogue Fitness equipment for all your favorite CrossFit workouts and plenty of Strongman equipment, climbing ropes, and Olympic lifting platforms.  We also has a sweet 24′ Rouge Infinity Rig with four 12′ Shrimp Trawlers.


“I love it here. The people are fantastic. The heart of this box is amazing. Everyone has been very welcoming. Wouldn’t want to coach anywhere else.”

“The best people that truly know what ‘team’ means. Don’t wait to ‘get fit’ to do CrossFit. Come out to CF Glen Burnie and the coaches will get you where you wanna go!”

“I have been a member of this box for quite some time!  I love coming here and am grateful that they are so close to home!”

“Large Box with a good range of class times. This location has only been around for a few months but already has a well established membership. Great Military/Law enforcement discount! Tell ’em I sent you.”




We work really hard on our programming, so you don’t have to.  We carefully plan and orchestrate all of the daily workouts.  We start with a full year’s set of goals, segmented into four primary macro cycles, and carefully piece together month’s of programming week-by-week and day-by-day.  The end result may take many hours to fine-tune, but the results are to die for.  Our programming roots are well-founded in the heritage of CrossFit Fort Meade Strength and Conditioning — and this foundation is rock solid here at CFGB.


Strength forms the primary basis for all that we do in life.  We all need a strong foundation in total body strength.  Each group class includes a Strength Workout of the Day (SWOD).  Our strength programming will incorporate core lifts (like the squat, press, and deadlift) as well as the more complex functional Olympic lifts (like the clean and jerk, and the snatch).  We also include plenty of accessory movements to help develop you skill and transition from the basics into the advanced movements.


The Workout of the DAY (WOD) has been come iconic and almost synonymous with CrossFit.  Each of our group classes features one (and sometimes more) daily workouts.  These workouts combine movements from one or more of the three main CrossFit modalities – Monostructural (aerobic/cardio/long-slow-distance), Gymnastics, and Weightlifting.  Prepare to challenge yourself in multiple dimensions of time and space as we workout together as a community.  No matter where you are starting on your fitness journey, the workout of the day is infinitely scalable to match your skills and fitness levels.  Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced CrossFitters together are challenged each day by our programming.  Come out, join us, and find the fitness of your life!

Fit 1.0

Fit 1.0 is a group  fitness class on Sunday mornings.  In this class we emphasize body weight movements and de-emphasize the heavy weight lifting.  This has become a really fun community workout.  We usually feature two back-to-back conditioning workouts.  Come on out, kick back, and prepare to be rocked.  This is a fabulous opportunity to experience CrossFit regardless of your experience level.


Would you like to improve your 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon or Marathon times?  Would you like to be able to press through long distances more quickly and effortlessly than before?  We have design a program of Endurance training designed to designed to tap into your oxidative pathways and develop your power and efficiency.

The Endurance program is an optional program that is popular with our athletes.  If you would like to supplement your daily CrossFit workouts with this optional Endurance program then, each week, we will send you the workouts for that week.  You will then pick two or three days that week to perform the workout.  Come on out to the gym and get it going .  Use these workouts to supplement your daily WODs – just be sure to provide sufficient recovery time between the two (for example – one could be performed in the morning, and the other in the evening – or perhaps Tuesdays and Thursday might be your endurance days).  We can help you with what works best for you.

To join in on this new program – once your a member – you simply need to send an email to endurance@CrossFitGlenBurnie.com.

Games Programming

Are you feeling a bit competitive these days?  You may be interested in joining our competition athletes for a healthy dose of Advanced CrossFit programming.  The Games programming requires a larger time commitment – a minimum of 8 to 10 hours a week is required.  If you are interested in registering and participating in the advanced Games Programming, please send an contact bob@CrossFitGlenBurnie.com.

Olympic lifting

We have an active Barbell Club.  Anyone can join the CrossFit Glen Burnie Barbell Club – including persons that are not currently members of CrossFit Glen Burnie.

Olympic lifts are challenging. The form and strength required are just the beginning. The high degree of simultaneity, speed and timing adds a fantastic level of complexity that’s inherently attractive. You can work on a lift for years and still learn things about it and yourself. You make a lot of successful lifts and a lot of failed attempts. It’s hard to say which the majority is. Every once in a while though, all the major movements in a lift align and the secondary functions fire in succession and you know instinctively that it was perfect. That one flawless execution every so often is what we enjoy most about Olympic lifts.

Punch Cards are available for purchase online.

Power lifting

The “Power Hour” offers one-hour long clinic on perfecting the slow lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press, and press). This class offers multiple levels of technique work for all experience levels.

This clinic focuses on:

  • Body position and execution (head-to-toe / toe-to-head “by the numbers” instruction)
  • Error correction and tips (typical errors and how to correct; proper breathing and importance of “tightness”)
  • Group/individual form-check/practice

The class lasts one-hour and offer variations for every experience level.


Share a lifetime of fitness with your children.  Learn more about our program and register your family today!

Contact our Directors of Youth (Bob and Margaret) for additional information.

  • Preschool – Ages 3-5
  • Kids – Ages 5-12
  • Teens – Ages 12 to 18


Vinyasa yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance.

The Yoga classes are included with your membership at no additional cost.

Drop in rates are also available for the Yoga classes, too. ($15 Online Registration and $20 at the door).

Personal Training

Achieve your personal best and reach new heights in your personal fitness. Pair-up with one of our personal-trainers, set goals, and make amazing progress. We coach and motivate you each step of your fitness journey. Contact bob@CrossFitGlenBurnie.com to set-up an appointment.

Get Involved and Go Deeper

Being a member of CFGB is more than just going harder-faster-stronger.  Instead, you are joining a community, where we together strive to achieve new levels of fitness with each workout of the day.  As a member of our diverse, vibrant, supportive, enthusiastic community, you take steady steps toward becoming more than you ever thought possible.

We thank you for deciding to take this step! You are now on the most positive and life-changing path of fitness. We’re glad to have you with us.

Community Events

Each year, CrossFit Glen Burnie athletes and coaches participate special events – cook-outs at the gym and local parks, throw down challenges on Saturdays, competing in the CrossFit Games Open, competing in local competitions, going out together for group dinners and social events.


We love to learn and share what we know about CrossFit.  Every month or so we have a seminar on just about any CrossFit topic, including Olympic lifting, rowing, mobility, running, and nutrition, to name a few.


Paying it forward with Charity Events

We realize that we are part of a much larger community.  As an important person in our community, we often get together to pay it forward and give back.  Life is great and there is so much to share with one another – especially when someone is in need.  We host multiple charity events each year, including

Our Trainers

We’re saving the best for last.  Our trainers are by far the absolute best at what they do and who they are.  We are a diverse set of individuals, highly trained, and we make one fabulous team.  We have certifications in every aspect of CrossFit and a diverse set of certifications in the industry of sport and fitness.  Come and train with the best.  Read more about some of our trainers on our Trainer spotlight page.

Contact Information

CrossFit Glen Burnie
8266 Lokus Road – Unit 101
Odenton, Maryland 21113

Phone: 410 674-6768
Owner’s Phone: 443 962-3899

Email: bob@crossfitglenburnie.com